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The ST- GROUPS, founded in 2015 by the Italian entrepreneur Sebastiano Tomasello, was born with a strong interest in advanced technologies and ecology.

The full belief that the land of Egypt have great potential as regards renewable energy and are even fertile ground to expose new eco-friendly systems have led the company towards this particular geographical area, starting an important route that immediately aroused interest from the major local and Arab areas exponents; Here it is structure with a strong International connotation in the accompaniment structures to large groups of foreign commercial entities which performs work solely of availability through the reactivity of its employees recognized for its great quality with international experiences.

Our staff speaks Italian, English, French and Arabic.

ST-GROUPS deals with sales and installation of photovoltaic systems and revolutionary ecological systems in the field of disinfection and decontamination.

All products processed by our company are accompanied by the best European certifications that ensure the high level of quality and safety.

A significant note for the company is represented by the uniqueness of the disinfection systems based on potassium hypochlorite (of which we present Aquadetox the new eco-friendly and non-toxic product, designed through new technological systems in collaboration with different agronomists institutions).​


St-Groups becomes a partner with Bio-Fresh in the Afro-Egyptian market, marrying the cause of research and success of the fruit of a spin-out of the University of Newcastle.

The Brand was created in 2015 by the entrepreneur Sebastiano Tomasello in order to find, through a group of researchers, agronomists and teachers of the best universities, solutions for post-harvest conservation with natural molecules.

The commercial division has developed and found its know how in the processing of fruit and vegetables developing two main technologies that use gaseous products: Ethylene management systems (used for the storage of potatoes and onions as anti budding) and ozone enrichment systems (used for storage in cold stores and during the transport of fruit and vegetables). Today the production and commercial activity of the brand is managed by St-Groups, a company specialized in international marketing and marketing.


A good preservation of fruit and vegetables does not depend only on the correct temperature and humidity, but also on correct sanitization of the refrigerated cells.

During the storage period bacterial and / or fungal micro-organisms can be developed on the products, it is therefore important to sanitize all the conservation environments in order to avoid contamination of the product from any pathogens present.

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule that acts as a preservative of air quality, reacting with fungi, spores and bacteria without the release of residues as it has a very low life cycle that forces it to convert into oxygen in a very short time short.


The headquarters of the ST-GROUPS is located in Cairo, 26 July-14 St. ALAZPAKIA.

The operating office is placed in the sunny Sharm El Sheikh, in the largest shopping center Genena CITY MALL, in Naama Bay.


The ST-GROUPS philosophy presupposes a relationship of trust with clients and high-level partnership, constantly fueled by the sharing of objectives and instruments used to achieve them.

ST-GROUP is a globally leading company in innovation and new ecological revolution of the hypochlorite system.