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Ozone For Environments

2018-03-11 0 comments admin

What is ozone?

Ozone is a highly unstable natural gas, composed of trivalent oxygen (O3) with a great oxidizing power. In nature it is formed thanks to electric shocks during storms or thanks to the action of ultraviolet solar rays. It is known that an ozone layer protects our planet from the violent UV-B rays, harmful to our health, while its oxidant and disinfectant properties are less known.

Properties of ozone

The possibility of exploiting ozone for cleaning and sanitizing objects and environments derives from its high oxidizing power. The ozone is in fact able to degrade and eliminate any polluting or harmful elements such as viruses, mites, insects, spores, molds, harmful chemicals and even smoke and odors, all in a totally natural way.

Being an unstable gas, a few minutes after use, ozone turns into oxygen, without leaving any kind of traces or chemical residues, without leaving unpleasant smells or stains on the fabrics.

How does it work

As soon as ozone comes in contact with an organic matter, an oxidation reaction is triggered. Basically all living micro-organisms are killed, such as mites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi while the molecules of the odors are oxidized, they are transformed into other harmless molecules, thus eliminating any form of bad smell.

As ozone is a gas heavier than air, it can penetrate into the fibers of the fabrics (mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets, carpets, car interiors). In this way it reaches and eliminates any microorganism and malodorous substance. Also present in the most difficult to reach points, impossible to thoroughly sanitize with a classic wash, however meticulous and accurate.

Advantages and benefits

Numerous studies state that disinfection and sanitization using ozone is more than 2000 times more effective than any type of traditional sanitation.

The ozone sanitization system is a completely ecological cleaning method, leaving no chemical residue behind it, and has been defined as a "GRAS" safe agent by the F.D.A, the US Food and Drug Administration.

In Italy, the Ministry of Health, with protocol No. 24482 of 31/07/1996, recognized the ozone sanitization system as a natural garrison for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. and infested with mites and insects.

In summary, the ozone sanitization treatment:

  • Eliminates in an ecological and natural way bacteria, viruses, mites, molds, fungi, spores and any type of parasite.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • It leaves no residual chemical traces, but turns into pure oxygen after use, so it is also environmentally friendly.
  • Cleans and sanitizes thoroughly, even the least accessible cracks, every surface with which it comes into contact.
  • You can use it to sanitize mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets, carpets, cars, rooms, etc.

St-Groups takes care of selling or supplying ozone equipment, products and equipment, guaranteed and certified by European institutions that certify its effectiveness in the field of use.