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Ozone For Agriculture

2018-03-11 0 comments admin

Ozone has reduced the decomposition of fruit and vegetables during storage.

Preservation of fruit and vegetables in an ozonated environment is deterioration due to the presence of fungi. In addition to effectively replacing the treatment with antifungal chemicals, ozone does not leave any on fresh products.

It is estimated that the incidence of waste in fruit and vegetable stores, due to the deterioration due to microorganisms, reaches 30% percentages, but if fruit and vegetables are stored in environments enriched with low levels of ozone, the deterioration in a wide range of fresh preserved products, including strawberries, tomatoes, salad, grapes and prunes.

Our experiments have shown that an "ozonized" environment contributes to the drastic reduction in the production of fungal spores, as well as to the reduction of microorganisms in any lesions already present on the surface of the products.

Perishable products stored in the atmosphere at low concentrations of ozone over a period of 8 days showed a decrease of about 95% in deterioration, depending on the type of fruit and fungal contamination. It is also interesting to note that products exposed to ozone, before being deliberately contaminated by the research team, showed however a lower deterioration compared to the untreated samples: as if the ozone had "vaccinated" them.

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