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Solar Energy Systems

2016-07-17 0 comments admin Photovoltaic

In the current Egyptian / European political environment with the purpose to promote  the renewable energy sources, Sun Green Power Energy supports and proposes initiatives of national and international level through its creativity , flessibility and commitment to save the invironment and to preserve the next generations from the loss of natural resources. Sun Green Power Energy target is to contribute to the energy supply in a secure and sustainable way through the sun , versatile and inexhaustible source. The mission of Sun Green Power Energy is to act in sinergy with its partner in order to bring an immediate and real contribution to the development of solar technologies offering its competence and availability. Nowadays it is very important to choose energy produced by renewable sources because it is necessary to intervene from now to protect the environment and the production of energy using alternative sources rather than the fossils ones. With our partner we operate in Europe, America and North Africa with several branches that work successfully in the renewable energy environment. Sun Green Power Energy Italia group supplies italian components Euro 1 to achieve photovoltaic implants, thermal solar implants biomass. The partnership, through the years, thanks to its experience and professionalism placed itself between the leaders in the supply of components for:

  • Quality of the products
  • Personalized offer

Sun Green Power Energy strenghts are:

  • Technology
  • Competitiveness
  • Quality

The range of products includes components made by the most important producer brands in the sector. Through a close cooperation with our partner and an attentive check of the materials made by the research and development department, Sun Green Power Energy is able to offer the best technologies available in the market. An excellent project of the implant and the installation of only high standard quality products, guarantees to the final customer to obtain a steady production of electric energy.

Our team, composed of professionals of the sector, offers a personalised service that gives the customer the chance to trust Sun Green Power Energy for the provision of materials, for the technical consultancy and for after-sale assistance.

Please visit our "investments" area in order to get more details about our investments plans.