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Urine Emptying Machine

2018-03-27 0 comments admin

Emptying knapsacks urines machine​ : 

It is an innovative machine for the emptying of the knapsacks of urine, completely automatic, studied and tested in sanitary and healt care facilities. Its form as a column shape, makes it possible to place it In narrow spaces. SLIU-1 to avoid the least biological risk for contact or inhalation to which the operators are exposed (Legislative Decree 81/2008). The use of the special refusals (Code CER 180103). SLIU-1 has an elevated ability to load that allows it to be contemporaneously empty more knapsacks to every cycle.

FEATURES: Suitable for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dialysis.Empty bags of 1 to 5 liters.Completely built in fine satinized 304 stainless steel. Dimensions: 540 + 630 + 1850h. A safe and easy-to-understand control panel allows continuous monitoring of the status of the emptying cycle in real time; it is possible to automate and optimize the entire process by executing customizable programs.SLIU-1 consists of a loading area positioned at a height that allows easy insertion of the bags. From a zone in which the bags in a first phase are separated from the liquid and a second where they are subjected to a washing and sanitizing process before being expelled. A collection area for empty bags.